The good news in SPD is non-stop! We have another, already the fifth Codie award! For four years PitchBook Platform, which is written by a team of SPD-Ukraine, is the best solution among the information services provided by financial and ma...
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CherITy 8/3/15

Finally, there was a sports-charity-IT fest CherITy! It was incredible! We would like to thank all who took part in the organization, all the participants, all the teams, and those who came and shared with us the joy of victory! We were com...
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Friends, we've got some good news again! Many of you probably know that our work is mainly related to Business Web App development. But we do not stop progress, and some time ago the company opened a completely new line - Game Development. ...
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About us

SPD-Ukraine is a leading provider of software development services. Established in 2006, the company was created to focus on high-end business solutions. Over the years, SPD-Ukraine extended the range of its services and has built strong relationships with the clients across the globe.

We are motivated by delivering effective business solutions that make a difference. Our staff numbers more than 100 professionals located in Ukraine. Our goal is to create a high-quality product through the fundamental understanding of client requirements.

We work both hard and efficiently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first. Our ambitions are high and we want to be as great as possible, but more so we want to build respected products, the best service we can provide our customers with.

Ensuring the quality of project implementation at each phase, we are taking control over every minor part of the development. That gives us the unique opportunity to keep the standards high every single action, every single step.

By putting emphasis on the client's needs, the outstanding product should be obtained. That is how it works, and we stick to this type of cooperation. Our mission is to add value for our customers by helping them achieve the highest level of quality and safety for their products.